AI Dungeon 2 - Unleashed

What is AI Dungeon 2 - Unleashed?

AI Dungeon 2 Unleashed is an offline version based on the Thadunge2 fork optimized for local play allowing an accessible way of playing AI Dungeon 2 offline.
Beyond offline optimization ease of life features where added and most features of the Thadunge2 fork are implemented.
The game is a Zork like text adventure that generates stories in real time, AI Dungeon 2 Unleashed is optimized for a third person narrative style as opposed to regular commands.


System Requirements

What is new since the last release?

Download AI Dungeon 2 Unleashed 2.0 (Model included)

Download AI Dungeon 2 Unleashed Lite 2.0 (Same as the above but no Model)
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Already have another version of AI Dungeon 2 (Unleashed) or the model torrent? Grab the Lite version and put the model_v5 folder inside of generator\gpt2\models this will allow you to use your existing model.